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Falling Skies wraps filming of its third season this coming week in Vancouver. And as far as I know, few if any have seen them on location until today at the Coffee Bar in Gastown. But it sure didn’t look anything like the post-apocalyptic Falling Skies we’ve come to know. Where were the Skitters? Where were the Mechs? Where were the Overlords? Where were the even creepier aliens introduced in the season two finale? And where was 2nd Mass, the small band of insurgents named after the 2nd Massachusetts of the American Revolution, who’ve been fighting the occupying alien force for almost three seasons?

Noah Wyle’s Tom Mason had no beard or scruffy clothing. And Will Patton’s Captain Dan Weaver looked more like a homeless lunatic than the military leader of 2nd Mass. And what’s with all the well-dressed people carrying bags of Christmas shopping, coming and going in a cafe decorated with wreaths? It turns out today was a reshoot of a dream sequence. So it provides few clues about what drama will unfold in the third season set to air next summer on TNT in the U.S.

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Zoom Noah Wyle - Falling Skies Season 3 promo pic

Noah Wyle - Falling Skies Season 3 promo pic

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Zoom First Season 3 promo pic

First Season 3 promo pic

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Falling Skies - Season 3 - Casting News - Robert Sean Leonard & Gloria Reuben join cast


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Falling Skies 2x10 'A More Perfect Union' Season Final Extended HD Promo
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"Falling Skies," Season 2, 2x10 "A More Perfect Union" Season Final Preview & Scoops, With Will Patton!
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“Oppression is in your nature.”

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Young Hollywood is hanging dockside with the talented cast of TNT’s sci-fi series “Falling Skies”! Comic-Con veterans Noah Wyle, Drew Roy, Will Patton, and Moon Bloodgood share with us their experiences in San Diego thus far and what to look forward to during their panel discussion! They also tease some surprises for Season 2 and describe Comic-Con in one word! Hosted by R.J. Williams.

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